12th annual Survivors of Suicide Candlelight Memorial – September 10, 2013

Location: Upper Providence, PA:  Rose Tree Park

Date: September 10, 2013

Organizer: Linda Falasco, LCSW

Contact Info: lindafalasco@verizon.net, website:  http://www.lindafalascolcsw.com

Sponsor: Survivors of Suicide, Inc.

Theme: “Faith, Hope, Strength and Love”

Among this year’s speakers: Michael Fiscaro, Akhil Tripathi

Every September in Upper Providence, suicide survivors can gather together at the Rose Tree Park in a special candlelight vigil remembering loved ones lost to suicide. This year, organizer Linda Falasco acknowledged that suicide survivors often find themselves walking along the path to healing alone, but it doesn’t need to be that way. She even encouraged those in pairs or a group to seek out someone who arrived solo. “I’m hoping you do find some healing, or comfort,” she said.

Falasco also shared she was 25 when her 22-year-old brother, Jeff, hanged himself in 1994 at their then-home in Florida.

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