Mental Illness – Breaking the silence

For you to be here now trillions of atoms had to assemble in an intricate and intriguingly obliging matter to create you. It has never been done before. You are part of a society that has seen more frequent doctor’s visits. We are people who watch and lament over what we eat – cutting calories and carbs, introducing organic foods into our diets, demanding government officials to post the calories of fast foods for public knowledge. We judge world leaders on their platforms for healthcare and have conflicting views on what is acceptable. Clearly we have come to care more and more about our bodies – but our minds continue to take a backseat.

Mental illness has long held a stigma in society. A touchy, complex topic, every culture on the globe has bore the brunt of mental illness in one way or another. Because of this hands-off mentality, it was initially difficult to get this website started. When I talked to others about my ideas, most advised me to keep an open mind and feared for my tolerance for an audience that may be just the opposite.

But that’s the whole point.

Mental illness hits home for me. My mother, after a lifetime of battling depression and anxiety committed suicide in July 2008. Since then, I’ve suffered an absence of her in my life; a hole that I cannot fill or stitch shut. I’ve faced a world of intolerance from friends, family, and society in general. I lost friends, watched my family get broken apart, my grades suffered – my life concentration of chaos.

My mother was an incredible woman, an incomparable source of  inspiration and love, and a fortitude of strength. But she suffered alone in silence for so long.

And that’s what I want to accomplish here – I want to get people talking. I want people to understand that mental illness is very real and has a severe impact on a myriad of individuals – but also that it is treatable. If we can get people to realize that they do not have to suffer in silence, that they do not have to stand by and watch a loved one crumble, that mental illness is not embarrassing or nonexistent, then maybe we can move forward.

Why do mental illnesses have to be shrouded in insensitivity and ignorance? Why is it so taboo? I invite anyone who reads this to share their stories, ask questions, offer suggestions. E-mail me at or post a comment.

You do not have to suffer alone. Image

8 thoughts on “Mental Illness – Breaking the silence

    • Littlebeut333, I’m happy to see you have found comfort in a higher power, and I will definately try to include sections on spirtuality and faith as a means of treatment. Thank you for reading and following. Be well!

  1. WHen you are strong, your mis understood, when you are weak you are mis understood, In the drakest most frightening moments of my illness, I was labelled a clever manipulator, it broke my heart. Alone is what we are. Tortured by the misfunctioning of our brains. I came on here to have a place to be honest about my journey, and I shy away from expressing what lies in my darkest most painful times, for fear of being judged…It would seem that the only safe place to share the reality of the worst moods and side effects, is with god only. I plaster a smile on my face for the sake of others, I understand their difficulty in understanding it, maybe one day they will TRY and understand me. I’m not a bitch, I’m not a liar. I’m a great friend and I have a kind heart…I am also selfless when illness permits. I put others first as a default of my nature, but my brain is broken. If my frontal lobe damage was the result of a car accident, I’d recieve neurological sympathy for oddities of personality. I posted a brutal take on my state of mind,on impulse and I will never do so again, my rare confession of extreme pain and sadness was lost to ignorance, mockery and suspicion. I feel there is no hope, and I am extremely pro active in reducing symptoms, I expect that will be percieved as more proof that I’m not ill. When in fact, I fight daily to search for positivity and healing. My outburst was honest, and just as foolish. ANd I have support and kindness from those that (I hope) love me. Others have no-one. Honesty is a seriously underrated quality. I allowed myself to be vulnerable, I make no apolgies for my sarcasm and hopelessness. I’m human and the anger is always directed at the illness, I dont blame others, I dont want to burden anyone… I just blame my brain…free speech is for the able, suppression is for the disabled. Anyone got a hut in the jungle up for sale? If so, I’ll take 1st dibs if thats ok. Cruelty and stigma eat away at my soul, but God has shown me over and over that he knows me, thank God he ensured I found him. My thoughts and love you out to anyone suffering mentally. It is a prison sentence and a state of living that requires continual trying and trying some more. I despair at the reactions to it. Spirituality, kindness and healing circles offer support, Thank God some minds are striving to understand so they can offer support. The extreme outbursts are too much for people who supress their emotions, but that shouldn’t mean that we have to supress to please…I despair and I’m hurt, confused and possibly being used as entertainment. Sick sick sick and far sicker than me, at heart and at mind…

  2. As a public school teacher I was so afraid of my peers and parents finding out my “little secret”, clinical depression. Your comment “Why do mental illnesses have to be shrouded in insensitivity and ignorance? ” hits a deep chord with me. Keep educating the public and blessings.

  3. Hey! I’m at work browsing your blog – just wanted to say I love reading it and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the fantastic work!|

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