The Tragic Case of Morgan Ingram

— The views of this blog are personal opinion although much research has been done on the topic in as unbiased a position as can be possible. These views are not particularly those of CBS, the Morgan Ingram Foundation, including its subsidiaries and/or likenesses, Truth for Morgan, or Morgan’s Stalking. —


There is a story circulating around the Internet and blowing up the blogosphere surrounding the mysterious death of a young woman from Colorado. Found unresponsive in her bedroom at around 6 in the morning December 2nd, 2011, Morgan Ingram’s sudden, unexpected death blindsided all who loved and knew her.  The death was ruled natural at first due to acute intermittent porphyria but was then revised to suicide by amitriptyline intoxication as well as high traces of its naturally occurring synthesis.  Her mother, Toni Ingram, thinks her daughter was murdered – that her murderers incapacitated and then either injected copious amounts of amitriptyline within a cocktail of “date-rape” drugs, three of which she was actually prescribed (amitriptyline, propranolol and gabapentin) and one that is fairly easy to obtain, cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril) or made her swallow dozens of pills until she expired. She has set up a blog chronicling her daughter’s alleged stalking in the months leading up to her death and goes so far as to unfairly name her teenage neighbor and boyfriend of committing the heinous deed without any evidence better than an image of someone walking by the house. The family called the sheriff’s office nearly 50 times in a period of four months to report banging on windows and other incidences that allegedly terrorized their daughter. To me, her tone sounds way too excited to be that of a grieving mother. I advocate that everyone grieves differently but she sounds genuinely joyful to the point of inappropriateness. You can literally spend hours and hours reading her blog and come to your own conclusion here:


You’re welcome as well to compare her mother’s views with police reports, toxicology reports, the autopsy, and other imperative information at Truth for Morgan, here:


Besides the history of stalking, Toni Ingram states on her blog that the fact that Dr. Kurtzman, the coroner of Garfield County, Colorado, who performed the original autopsy, reported seeing no pills or pill fragments in the gastric juices is indicative of a homicide. I believe it is an insignificant fact since amitriptyline is freely soluble in water and the presence of its analog noretriptyline indicates the breakdown of the original molecule within minutes to hours of ingestion. The postmortem blood level of amitriptyline at the time of Morgan’s autopsy revealed a concentration of amitriptyline in the range of 2287440 ng/mL (about 18 25mg pills) and 2833 ng/mL of nortriptyline. A fatal dosage of amitriptyline blood concentration averages out at 3.7mg/L. A 175 ng/mL concentration of cyclobenzaprine (commonly known as Flexeril, a skeletal muscle relaxant) was also found in the gastric juice sample, as well as Nicotine. According to the overseeing toxicologist, the amount of amitriptyline consumed alone is consistent with intoxication from an overdose, accidental or deliberate. These numbers were obtained from AIT Laboratories, in Indianapolis. The autopsy indicates “There is no evidence of a struggle or evidence to indicate that the decedent was physically forced to ingest amitriptyline (” Dr. Kurtzman, the forensic pathologist who performed the initial autopsy also noted a “marked pulmonary edema,” – fluid build-up in the lungs. This could have resulted from a wide range of scenarios, including aspiration from forcing someone to drink the crushed pills dissolved in water.


What do I believe? After following this story since August 2012 through Toni Ingram’s blog, various news outlets, specifically CBS, and several forums, I believe that Morgan accidently took too much medication in an attempt to sleep (her mother did admit she was stressed and couldn’t sleep because of the ‘stalker’). Her friends and family insist that Morgan was not suicidal and that she was happy the last time they had seen her alive. I want to express that suicidal ideation is difficult to detect. If it were easy, there’d be a lot fewer suicides. It isn’t unusual for someone who is suicidal to express happiness, act elated, or make plans before they act. Oftentimes, these contrasting outward appearances are consistent with relief in finding a permanent solution to temporary pain. If Morgan were depressed or anxious, maybe she didn’t want to “burden” others with her feelings. Morgan did possess some suicide ‘risk factors’ in the years and months preceding her death, including, but not limited to: chronic physical illness including chronic abdominal pain and headaches, insomnia, stress, disengaging from activities she normally enjoyed, and academic, occupational, and social pressures such as dropping classes from CMC Boulder and a desire not to fulfill babysitting responsibilities, according to her father in the police report from that day. And if there really was a stalker, then the decision to take her own life may have been associated with such a severe relentless crisis that she may have viewed to worsen over time. She may have felt hopeless. Despite our intimacy with the individual, we may never know for sure – we are simply not in their head.

Through my research on this case, I also noted that some people go so far as to say her mother may have been suffering from Munchausen by proxy, a form of medical child abuse involving the gross exaggeration or fabrication of illnesses or symptoms by a primary caretaker. Was Morgan’s mother slowly poisoning her daughter’s food and water with her previously prescribed medication amitriptyline, a tricyclic antidepressants used to balance the chemical mood? Maybe she threw a Flexeril in here and there to throw her daughter off what could have been a familiar feeling to the antidepressant, and it slowly built up in her system over time. The night before Morgan was found dead, the two had gotten into a verbal altercation escalating to Morgan calling her mother a bitch, according to police reports. Maybe Toni accidently went too far that night, gave her a little too much medication crushed into her water bottle causing Morgan to ultimately expire in her sleep. Toni admits herself in her blog that Morgan drank something bad and funny tasting one night months before her death. Why would she mention this if she didn’t feel a tad bit of guilt? Morgan, according to her blog, always kept her water bottle close by. Unless she was in the comfort of her own home, how did the bottle get out of her sight long enough for someone to slip something in it?

I also noted while reading Toni’s blog that acute carbon monoxide levels poisoned her daughter in the past. This is poisoning by negligence in my opinion. Where were the carbon monoxide detectors when Morgan was a child and being exposed to it? In most areas the installation of smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, even if it is a model just sophisticated enough to meet the minimum requirements, is standard. Especially in a rented house, I’m sure Colorado is not that different from other state’s fire codes that require all rentals to have smoke/carbon monoxide detectors. A landlord or local fire department must, by law, require all rentals to have them, either for free or at a cheap rate. In fact, according to Denver’s official city website: “Colorado’s new law concerning carbon monoxide alarms was signed by Governor Ritter on March 24, 2009 and applies to sales, rentals and remodels of single family and multi-family residences on and after July 1, 2009. The definition of “multi-family dwelling” in the new law specifically includes condominiums, and therefore, subject to certain limitations, would apply to units in condominium associations (ttp://” A mother who cared about her daughter’s health and safety would have made fire and carbon monoxide prevention a priority long before a formal law was passed. Did Toni turn them off? Why were Morgan and her bedroom the only person and room in the house affected? Why not anyone else?

Morgan turned 20 the year she died. An adult, the last to leave the nest. Her mother bought her a dog, an Australian Shepherd, a move that indicates to a fellow dog-lover such as myself, that her parents planned on her living at the home or with them long-term. It’s hard enough to find good cheap housing these days – much less one that’ll also allow your medium-to-large sized, high-energy dog rent with you.

Just to entertain the thought, if Toni suspected early on that her neighbors were harassing her daughter, as she and her husband indicate on the Dr. Phil Show: “She was murdered and we believe we know 100 percent who is responsible. I absolutely know who killed my daughter. Morgan was murdered by a young girl down the street, Brooke, and her ex-boyfriend,” then why didn’t she simply walk over to their place three houses down, inform the girl’s parents, and tell them to stop or she’ll be forced to take legal action? Why all the drama instead? Where are the parent’s priorities? In this day and age, especially, of cyber bullying, it isn’t that inane a request. The parents also had the police come to the house nearly 50 times in 4 months, set up expensive wildlife equipment all over the premises, and even went so far as to buy a thermal imaging scope, so they weren’t shy about taking intense measures. I don’t want to be crass, but I think Bigfoot hunters have more physical and visual evidence of the cryptic Sasquatch than Toni and Steve Ingram have of their alleged stalkers, who are not sophisticatedly trained assassinations – they were merely teenagers at the time. The same mother that advocates sitting behind her computer and pointing fingers should also have been bold enough to stand up for her daughter WHILE she was being harassed.

These are just my thoughts. If anything, I hope the poor girl didn’t suffer, but biological forensics is not on her side. The danger in all drug overdoses is that the brain may not get enough oxygen, vomit may block off the airway to the lungs, and the heart may seize preventing blood flow of oxygen to and from the brain. It only takes up to five minutes in anaerobic conditions to do permanent, irreparable damage to the brain. Because they affect the nervous system, psychiatric drugs have many side effects. Overdose can accelerate these side effects in any part of the body.

Did Morgan commit suicide or was she murdered? We may never know for sure – the Garfield County Sheriff has closed the case and stated he will never reopen it:


My opinion? I don’t think she was murdered. There’s no evidence of that. But, I do believe that the case should be re-opened and investigations commence to give her mother and family the closure they need, give Morgan the justice she deserves, and clear the accused’s name. Morgan and her family have a right to question, and for the accused, I know I would want to clear my daughter’s good name if it were my daughter.


Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of Morgan Ingram’s death. Her mother’s blog entry asked for everyone to take a moment and light a candle to honor her memory. Suicide, accidental overdose, or murder, I will light a candle in remembrance of all those who suffer, whose lives are that much harder due to injustice, whether mental or physical. Image

29 thoughts on “The Tragic Case of Morgan Ingram

  1. Here are the police reports, autopsy reports, and death report of Morgan Ingram:
    She, sadly, had a blood dyscrasia called Acute Intermittent Porphyria. The symptoms of this disorder (which does not allow the red blood cells to carry enough oxygen) are hallucinations and abdominal pain.
    There was never a stalker on Morgan’s roof or anyone throwing rocks at her windows. Morgan was diagnosed by a UCLA specialist and was receiving some treatment for her porphyria according to her father’s statements in the death report. Her mother, Toni Ingram, refused to accept Morgan’s diagnosis even after she was diagnosed by a porphyria specialist.
    Toni claims that Morgan’s stomach pain which lasted 7 years occurred after by a one time incident of CO2 poisoning (they then moved from this home). Research long-term effects of CO2 poisoning and you will find that this is not possible.

    RIP, Morgan. Your friends have done everything we can to share the truth about your unpleasant medical condition and suicide.

  2. Thank you for writing this. I, too, got sucked into that blog. I believed Toni, with reservations, at first. But as time went on, it was just too many lies, inconsistencies, and outrageous claims to ignore.
    I believe that Morgan took her own life. I’m sad that she suffered so much in her 20 years on earth, and I’m sad no one was there for her. I want to be sad for Toni, but her behavior is so bizarre. Being a grieving mother doesn’t give you the right to try to ruin innocent young lives.

  3. Thanks guys =). I got myself involved incidentally around the same time I was doing research on the effects of Wellbutrin and other antidepressants on the brain; I’m a chemist. I found Mrs. Ingram’s blog and just couldn’t sit back anymore. In fact, the one line from her blog, “The parents are always the last to know,” rang through my head over and over. I’ve been personally affected by suicide and that’s the most honest sentence Mrs. Ingram ever wrote. I can’t sit here and tell you I knew my own mother was suicidal because I would have done something to prevent it. I believe Mrs. Ingram is severely suffering. Denial is the first phase. Check out my page on grieving and bereavement up above! But, you’re absolutely right hamdinger… being a grieving mother doesn’t give you privilege to bring other people down with you. And Cindy – I tried doing some preliminary research on carbon monoxide poisoning and haven’t found, as of yet, any scientific articles citing prolonged effects of CO on humans. If I get any significant feedback from a reliable source, I’ll definitely try updating this article as necessary.

    Anyway, I just hope its not too late for all parties involved to get the help they need and take something positive away from all of this negativity.
    And thanks for reading!

  4. Great article. I do think that Mrs. Ingram is stuck in the denial phase of grief these days. Perhaps vacillating between pain & guilt & anger -which also drives her desire to blog, blame, and, “explain it away” by outside interference -“This cannot happen to ME!” The tiny glimpses of recovery/working through it are in my opinion entirely misplaced by promoting this foundation for stalking victims.

    I read that with AIP, which her father confirmed -but mother denied (beacuse it is genetic?), one can essentially suddenly die of heart arrhythmia –which Could explain the pulmonary edema found in autopsy? (Along with what you mentioned). Well, maybe that is a dumb idea since clearly there was an Ami mega dose found as COD. She could have been experiencing any multitude of overdose or withdrawal symptoms from the drugs not only found, but also had historically been prescribed to her -everything fits for the most part as drivers of the depression behavior her parents described, flu like symptoms, auditory hallucinations, and suicidal gesture. With those meds, I doubt she would have been able to control things. Or what is your opinion from the viewpoint of a chemist? It is unclear to me why there is this chatter about date -rape drugs -the Ami, Gaba, Flex, Propanolol were all prescribed as a cocktail of sorts for pain management (incl. migraine), mood, anxiety. And then Cotinine (big whoop!)… None of these are rape drugs. If Doberson was referring to the Flexeril in his report…I don’t know, but I think that’s a long shot to say. Sadly, she probably did suffer a bit -surely severe brain injury as you described…remember the police report of her decorticate posturing?

    I’m not overly convinced about Munchhausen by Proxy -but it could be a viable theory. Especially given Mrs. Ingram’s behaviors that have an air of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. NPDs are also very clever at “rewriting” history. And there is a lot of referral to ‘self’ by the mother. Even when asked to describe her daughter, she references herself. I wonder if there is a pathological correlation between the two disorders.

    It would be fascinating if this investigation were to be re-opened, to explore Morgan’s entire medical history, including reports by teachers and professionals…and see how many times she went to hospital, and for what. Couple that with examining the mother’s own history. I wish that a mental health professional would grab hold of this bizarre story and sort it out -as well as provide care to the parents. Dr. Phil was a major fail in that respect. he clearly did not do his homework.

    Peace to the falsely accused.

  5. Thank you for linking Truth for Morgan. A couple of points:

    First off, the amount of amitriptyline you mention as being in Morgan’s blood was actually in her stomach contents, which consisted of an orange granular substance (pill fragments). It was a massive amount, not an accidental overdose at all. The Flexeril never had a chance to enter her blood stream; she died before that could happen.

    The Ingrams did not call the police 50 times. If you go to the Truth site, you’ll see in the police call log that most of the times the police were at the residence were either for followup on a previous call, or when they took it upon themselves to patrol the area.

    There’s no evidence of carbon monoxide poisoning. Her symptoms were consistent with the porphyria, which she was being treated for as early as a couple of months before her death, and which her mother acknowledged she had to doctors.

    There are several documented reason why Morgan may have been depressed, reasons that I don’t feel the need to discuss publicly. Toni and Steve know what those reasons are (probably the same reason they bought her the puppy).

    Morgan most likely committed suicide; all the evidence points to it. Unless a suicide note pops up, however, we may never know for sure. Toni Ingram says in her blog that the police took an old journal in as evidence instead of the current one, and didn’t find a note. Toni herself has the most current journal. One must question why that journal wasn’t turned over to the police as well, since Toni insists there was foul play, and what that journal holds within it’s cover.

    The fact remains that Morgan may in fact have been murdered, but if she had it wasn’t by the accused. There is no way anyone was able to enter that house with all the security cameras, dogs, alarms, motion detector lights, and hypervigilant people who were present that night.

    The saddest part of all this is that Morgan cannot rest in peace. Her memory, her very life, is being rewriten by a person who cannot deal with her grief. The Internet has been whitewashed of Morgan’s presence. That beautiful, creative, unique young woman’s art, which she posted online for a reason, has been removed or changed by her mother, who for some reason can’t live with the Morgan-that-was and is trying to create a Morgan-that-she-wanted, or perhaps a Morgan-she-wants-us-all-to-believe-existed. The Morgan-that-was was good enough. She should be allowed to be remembered as she chose.

    • Thank you, mayramm for your input. It’s very much appreciated. As the case gains more attention, I hope that the truth comes into light so Morgan can get some peace.

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  7. How could this girl have stalkers and no one but the family reported anything. won’t other people have seen something going on like at school or in the neighborhood. it seems like a really small community. I am hoping that you will be elaborating further on
    in the future. I was hoping for a tad more information.

  8. I hope that you are going to be elaborating a little more on this case.Id like a bit more information. Did the police open up the investigation? I don’t think they will IMO. I really think Morgan committed suicide but its hard to get down to the facts with all the lies out there.

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  10. About time someone that knows what they are talking about and can produce exellent content.
    Eagerly looking forward to your next article.

  11. The concept of your blog is totally fresh. i haven’t seen much about this case besides the twitter wars and fake blogs out there. will you be updating as new info becomes available?

  12. Whether or not she was murdered remains to be proven. She could have ODed out of the depression the stalking brought on.

    Organized stalking is real and it is lethal. It is difficult to prove because it isn’t one person. Had they not started stalking my neighbor I probably would not have figured how they do it. They would come when I was asleep;she wasn’t. So, I started getting up at the time she reported having trouble and one morning as I went to the kitchen my motion sensor went off. The person had ran up the drive to set it off on purpose and it appeared as if this person left one footprint to make it look like they’d ran to the side of the house and another one several feet away making it look as if they’d gone the opposite direction. My camera wasn’t recording and I doubt I would have caught him had it been. It seems they check your security and know where the cameras are capable of viewing. I noticed this after installing a new system.

    One stalker sat out of sight of the cameras just this weekend. I walked out and yes, dark tinted windows. They went to the end of the block to act like they were turning around but didn’t.

    My neighbor tells me things that happens to her because she thinks others will think she is crazy. I told her I didn’t know if she was crazy or not and that was a moot point because I had seen them stalking her, too.

    People are quick to be doctors after so much poor white TV and wanting to be experts themselves that they will join these stalking groups to imitate the “professionals” they see on TV.

    Just the piddly things Morgan’s mother mentions happening like the missing gnome and rail spike tells me what was going on.

    It’s the new and improved neighborhood watch. They try to get others spying on their neighbors and causing fights just like they do on TV. And, yes, stalking is lethal. They use technology to stalk and set up their own pseudo traffic stops often putting themselves at dire risk when others aren’t willing to yield to their tactics.

    The more people they make live in fear for their life then the more secure the state will be-or at least that is the rationale.

    I never noticed things like rocks;my neighbor does. I’ve never heard anything hitting my house and if I did I’d think it was my dog. But, I know they’ve gone to extreme measures to scale my fence to leave objects on my property and have even entered my home and took things and left things that aren’t mine.

    The gold selling was very telling on the truth blog. This is what they do. Steal a little here and there and they aren’t caught. Convince people they are crazy and they won’t notice their medications missing or some piece of jewelry or if they’ve taken food,or other supplies. Most people don’t call the police over those things and this is how they operate.

    Make no mistake about it…they fully intend to kill.

  13. Furthermore, if you read the comments it is easy to see they intend to do more. They were misinformed and gullible about securing their home the first time around. Others are informing her to put in a camera in their home. Wireless no doubt so they can monitor their home from outside for their “reality show.”
    I’ve read her blog and either she has changed it, or it has been hacked to rephrase things.
    It is clear they weren’t thinking clearly in the beginning. But now if a hacker is making it seem as if she has a mental illness then that is stalking, too.
    Yes, she depends upon psychics, which I don’t agree with, but that doesn’t explain why someone would want to keep them awake all hours of the night unless sleep deprivation was their goal.
    They moved. The stalking continued…a stalkers ultimate goal.

  14. After viewing the videos, it’s clear someone was stalking.Once a car drove in and it looked as if they were more concerned with getting a close view of the back of their car (perhaps getting a plate number). Another time a guy walks up and appears to be searching for perhaps a house number. The one caught after the police left appears to be wearing a mask.
    It’s nothing to commit suicide over, but it would be depressing if you had to sleep in the closet or run out of fear.
    Naturally within their tiny town she’d run into the suspect on several occasions. However, it doesn’t explain people running by the side of the house and other strange occurrences.
    I think she was the victim of a drug ring-regardless of suicide or murder.

  15. Thinker Bell, the Ingrams never provided a list of the supposed missing jewelry to the police (this is noted in the police reports). The few jewelry pieces from the theft that Morgan’s alleged stalker was involved in were recovered and returned to their owner.

  16. That may be true. However, it’s easy to see from reading her blog she’s operating from the “serial killer” angle (serial killers take something, burglars take it all). She has an FBI agent “friend” who is willing and able to discredit the local police which made more calls than most would have done under the given situation. And, he informed her she could take her own footprint casts and backed up the red dot theory of it being someone with night vision goggles just like in “Silence of the Lambs.”
    This woman is vulnerable and apt to believe almost anything. That fact is easily seen in her belief the psychic knows all, the pet communicator can garner inside information, and going on prime time TV with nothing more than a gut feeling about someone.
    She has consulted all kinds of ‘experts’ in the field but never once consulted a burglar alarm specialist.The thought obviously never occurred to her. However, she’s made friends that have connections that will broadcast such buffonery and lead others with dangerous stalking situations into dangerous ground-the retired FBI agents will assist in anyway they can because they want to teach the local-yocos a thing or two about real police work.

    They heard noises and the girls was extremely frightened. It could have been a mental illness, but that doesn’t explain some photos. (And, it is unreasonable to assume that people with mental illnesses couldn’t be stalked, too). This noise could have come from a parabolic tool sold online or one that come from a military base. She heard sacks of horse grain hitting the ground. Perhaps same tool or two-way radio.
    As small as the town is it is reasonable to expect to see the same person over and over again, especially if they live in the same neighborhood. That’s the problem. It doesn’t mean small town people do not engage in stalking, however, nor does it mean they do not have access to the same equipment to run the same scams as they do in the larger cities.
    She can’t prove he murdered her if he wasn’t even in the state at the time. Since he was stalking her, he’d be the first person to be suspected.
    What she has described as the amount of drugs that killed her is suspect.(Unless she used her connections to get that paperwork falsified for another dog and pony show). If her description of the deputies recognizing the escalation of the stalking is accurate, then they knew who it may have been.
    At no point did anyone say: get an alarm, cameras, watch surroundings,check doors and windows each nights, etc. (which would be a no-brainer to most, but judging from her acquaintances they had inside information from spirit guides unknown).
    They could have already been in her house copying the neighbors’ door key and then put it back anytime prior to her locks falling apart.Anyone could have gained access via a garage door opener which was more than likely in their unlocked car out front.(At which point they could have taken jewelry or the girl may have given it or traded it without the mother’s knowledge)/ She even claims someone took her postal key and stole garbage (opening up a covert investigation on her?). This could indicate she has more than one stalker and may have picked up a different group after asking for help online and being on TV. If so, it will be too confusing for her to figure out and way too much work for a grieving mother who relies on her dreams, psychics and pet communicators.

    You don’t have to be a psychic to know when you’re being stalked or know when you are about to be murdered. And, you don’t have to prove it to a media endorsed expert who goes by a bulleted list of points that puts the victim in the position of being victimized again. She doesn’t know. She’s trying to figure it out right now.

    • Tinkerbell, you bring up interesting points. The problem is most of your speculation comes from information gathered from one source; Toni Ingram herself, who has been proven time and again to lie, change “truths” to fit what’s suggested to her, and hires/enlists people of questionable honesty to be her “crew” and slam anyone who doesn’t agree with her by creating “truth” blogs about them and making up outrageous lies. These are not the actions of an honest person, much less one with all her faculties.

      Her FBI friend could easily have said it was possible there was a stalker, or her doctor friends may have said it was possible Morgan was murdered, but I can almost guarantee no professional is going to come right out and make those assertions as absolute facts just because Toni called them. Toni has a way of twisting what’s told to her, while at the same time distancing herself from having to be held accountable for those things she was told. Look at the Dr. Phil show, where she made claims, was refuted by Brooke’s father (re the ranch behind the house), then backed out by claiming that’s what was told to Steve, who then told it to her.

      All you have to do is read her comments, especially recent ones from her sock account @Morganwasmurdered, to see that she either doesn’t quite grasp what’s being told to her (which I doubt), or chooses to take what she wants and discards the rest, all the while claiming it was so-and-so’s assertions, not her own, and poor innocent Toni was just told an untruth.

      All the professionals she has listed in recent days are in the process of being contacted to see exactly what was said, plus make sure they’re aware that their names, and reputations, are being used to implicate a man who was already cleared by police as having nothing to do with a stalking or murder.

      There was no stalking, no murder, and Toni is not as stupid or gullible as she wants people to believe. She is very calculating and fully aware of what she’s doing. Steve, too. They have a history of false accusations and “injuries/illnesses”.

  17. Stalking is hard to prove. They were inside and upon running outside they more than likely had at least 200-300 foot of perimeter to cover;the stalker already knew where to hide and more than likely only covered 30 foot or less.
    What she has described sounds like a drug ring in the area. Perhaps not in her town, but on the outskirts. It’s easier to set up in these areas and go undetected as they recruit runners for their wares.
    Most 20 year-olds wouldn’t sleep in a closet if they weren’t scared. If the parents were psychotic in the minds of the deceased friends, then that would have already come up.
    I don’t know about their history of fake illnesses as I have no interest in violating their privacy by getting control of their medical records. Rest assured, there’s some media pundit/blogger who would prefer to be their family doctor if there’s something in it for them.

    • “If the parents were psychotic in the minds of the deceased friends, then that would have already come up.” (-Thinker Belle)

      Maybe. Unless the friends are terrified of making the Ingrams angry, thus suddenly being turned on and implicated as contributing to Morgan’s death somehow (with their full names posted on the World Wide web, no less).

  18. If you look past her nuttiness and read her blog it’s easy to see they were being stalked. Perhaps they never knew who it was and started blaming everyone out of paranoia. Her tact is way off and certainly her cause for stalking will be rebuked by people who have to suffer through what she has endured and much more.
    I did find it strange that Morgan wanted to start a shelter for women and their pets after only two weeks of stalking. How would she secure it?
    Many stalkers stalk for reasons-causes are one of them.

    The people that need to be feared are these script writing murder specialists that will go so far as poisoning themself to prove that a suicide didn’t happen because they didn’t die drinking the same toxin. The operate stalking groups who think likewise or may perhaps try the same substance on an unwilling participant to prove their point.

    When I first opened my WordPress account I was hacked. The hacker called me an azzhat. I now know who that psychopath was.
    I would not believe anything these morons produced in the way of medical information about their victims or their physicians.

    I’ve had to contact police in another state because of some of their members terrorist stalking.It is considered the norm where I live and police actually encourage it. Elsewhere it is a felony to stalk, threaten family members, attempt murder and send murder threats through the mail.

  19. Furthermore, they do the same type of medical stalking in my state. My neighbor has dreams due to her stalking. I no longer dream. she thinks three men will cast her into a ravine over a urinary problem. What she doesn’t know is three are stalking her and it may come true if she doesn’t get a camera for her front door.
    Smae MO-crime solvers, medical specialists.
    Leave small objects. House bugging, tracking, harassing calls, trying to convince others they are crazy.
    But, then again we have a lot of military and they need a certain amount of funds to mismanage by diagnosing people incorrectly with their psychobabble crimes.

      • My password on that feedburner account was Alrighty then.
        Of course, you’d want no “Y.”
        They operate the same way where I live. Stalk, terrorize, set up martial art center, hack, break and enter, threaten friends and family. Some resort to arson while others merely murder for ratings.
        Becoming anonymous means they have to attack everywhere-even at the veterinarian office to prove they can get your information if you don’t go “undercover” and run and dig up information for their fake charities and causes.

        I’ve found some of your blogs. Helping mankind I see.

  20. Tinkerbell has anyone ever said your cuckoo? I’ve been reading your comments and they sound like coming from a nutcase. You carry believing toni ingram, and I’ll stick to facts.

  21. Thinker Belle knows her psycho babble and proceeds to demonstrate it – or is this TI stalking all the nay sayers?

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