“Chick Bank Robber” suffered from Major Depression and HIV


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By now, you’ve probably heard. 19-year-old Hannah Sabata of Stromsburg, Nebraska was arrested at her home days after posting a Youtube video where she is shown bragging about robbing a bank, stealing a car, and doing drugs. Posting under Youtube user handle Jellee Beanie, Sabata silently confesses to her crimes, holding up handwritten notes reading, “I stole from a car” and “Then I robbed a bank.” In case you miss it in the video, the description under it reads: “I just stole a car and robbed a bank. Now I’m rich, I can pay off my college financial aid and tomorrow i’m going for a shopping spree. Bite me. I love GREENDAY!” You can find her video on Youtube.

If you stop there the video paints a portrait of a shameless young woman lacking common sense and harboring a penchant for the wicked. I can’t argue against the fact that she did broke the law and that she should be punished. After a little bit of research, however, I learned that this girl has been misguided throughout her short life. On her deviantART account, under the handle angel-gabriel989, she admits to suffering from mental illness and recounts being in and out of mental institutions. At 17, she contracted HIV after having sex for the first time. She also got pregnant and had her baby taken away for her, for reasons unknown at this time, although it is speculated that it was for neglect.

While I don’t condone her crimes, I do believe that if she were to get a short sentence, it’s not too late for her to turn her life around. While everyone reacts to stress and mental illness differently, there are other ways to get help. It seems as though she tried to get help for her major depression and slipped through the cracks. This isn’t surprising in a society that looks the other way when it comes to mental disorders. Her troubled past and current problems are no excuse to try and get away with crime, but I do acknowledge that they were a reason. Sometimes people just become unhinged and can no longer take being ignored and stepped on. I just wish something had been done before it got to this point. Her deviantART website reveals an artistically talent, book-smart woman with a lot on her plate:

Ten Things About Me…
Written on August 18th, 2011

1. I am a Senior in high school.

2. I have HIV.

3. I have been diagnosed with “major depression.”

4. I am currently on a monitoring device (located on my ankle) for running away.

5. I’ve been through severe behavior treatment centers, such as Boys Town.

6. My boyfriend is 11 years older than me.

7. I am a highly philisophical person.

8. I want to be a lawyer some day

9. I am an amazing artist

10. I have a weird obsession with LSD and hallucinations

This girl is going to be incorporated back into society at one point or other. She needs structure and support. Mental illness is a disease and just like any other illness or disorder, it is not something that she can control. In addition to all her other problems, she is HIV+. Just living with that alone is enough to put a strain on mental health as well. To pull yourself up when you are suffering or sick is very difficult to do and it cannot be done without some sort of support.

As a society, we need to realize that people are slipping through the mental healthcare system. Obviously, the current programs we have are not sufficient and few and far between. We need to change. We need to be more accepting of mental illness and recognize that they not only exist but that the stigma attached forces people to hide the truth.

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Courtesy of www.deviantart.com

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Courtesy of www.deviantart.com


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