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The people at are busy all year round and rely heavily on volunteerism. I recently wrote to them to check out what opportunities are available to us. Here’s the e-mail, dear readers: 

Thank you for your inquiry about volunteering with, we very much appreciate your interest, and thank you for your patience in allowing us time to reply, we have been very busy recently. “Thank you also for including our cause on your blog, we definitely appreciate your support. Volunteer support directly benefits programs to raise awareness of suicide & mental illness issues, educating individuals of the warning signs of a mental health crisis.


Our mission is to raise awareness and erase the stigmas about suicide and mental illness by sharing stories of hope & inspiration, educating the general public about mental health and helping those affected by mental illness. NoStigmas began in 2007 as a grassroots movement to unify those touched by suicide & mental illness with the common knowledge that they are not alone and to change the public’s generally negative perception of those touched by suicide & mental illness. Our mission is to aid the growth of this understanding and foster a community environment in which individuals with mental illness are able seek treatment with the support of those near to them. We understand that this general shift in thinking regarding mental health begins with a change of perspective on the individual level. So, our methodology is to recruit and educate individuals, known as Stigma Erasers, who become advocates for understanding through their day-to-day interactions. We aim to further break down stereotypes by means of a public forum called The NØSTIGMAS Project, in which Stigma Erasers share their stories of hope and recovery in order to promote understanding and inspire those who are struggling to find their own path of healing.

Please support our efforts by volunteering or submitting your story.  Visit our website to learn about our volunteering opportunities and complete the volunteer registration form here: . We will email you about volunteer opportunities as they arise. If you would like to distribute flyers or other materials, please contact me so that we can arrange for you to visit our office.


                      Harriette Davies

NoStigmas is Federally recognized 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. Check out their volunteer opportunities and sign up for their newsletter on their website:

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