“Thank You” Sample Letter to Senate for Passing the Clay Hunt SAV Act

Dear [Staff First Name]:

I am reaching out to you to thank Senator [Last Name] for their support of the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans (SAV) Act .

The Clay Hunt SAV Act is a significant piece of legislation that will help reduce military and veteran suicides and improve access to quality mental health care by:

· Increasing access to mental health care by, among other things, creating a peer support and community outreach pilot program to assist transitioning service members as well as a one-stop, interactive website of available resources.

· Meeting the demand for mental health care by starting a pilot program to repay the loan debt of students in psychiatry so it is easier to recruit them to work at the VA.

· Boosting the accountability of mental health care by requiring an annual evaluation of DoD and VA suicide-prevention practices and programs.

Thank you and Senator [Last Name] for your support and commitment to preventing suicide among our nation’s military personnel and veterans. As AFSP’s Vice President of Public Policy, John Madigan, was quoted in this Washington Post article, “AFSP has set the bold goal of reducing the annual suicide rate 20 percent by 2025, and it’s legislation like the Clay Hunt Act that will make it happen.”


[Your Name]
[City, State]

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