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Speak Up (and Out). This silence can be broken. This stigma can be shattered. We can do this together.

Welcome to Atoms & Empty Space: your ‘Shatter the Stigma’ DatabaseIt all started with the concept of an atom… when an atom breaks it produces an extraordinary amount of energy. If we nurture that energy it can be used for good – if we let it go wayward, destruction is imminent. When the mind breaks preconceived notions lead us to believe it irreparable, maybe even doomed, but with nurturing and understanding, we can harness strength within…

The World Health Organization has estimated that by 2020 approximately 1.53 million people will die due to suicide and 10-20 times more individuals will attempt to end one’s life1. While the purpose of this website is to encourage those suffering from a mental, physical, or emotional disorder to seek help, it would be naïve to assume that every story for every person turns out the best in the end. It is to this extent that this website be not viewed with rose-colored lenses but be taken seriously. An individual’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being is IMPORTANT. Suicidal ideation is SERIOUS. The decision to end one’s life is PERMANENT.

AAES does, and will always, recognize and respect a person’s right, freedom, and ability to make a fair, well-informed and unforced choice about whether they seek help or not. This website is merely a resource and does not attempt what-so-ever to diagnose or cure conditions. Furthermore, any case studies discussed in this website is researched in light of the utmost respect for the individual and situation.

Please contact the website administrator at atomsandemptyspace08@gmail.com if you should feel an obligation to speak against anything discussed in this website or feel a violation was infringed, or should you simply have questions, comments, or concerns. You will always be treated with respect at AAES. 


1. World Health Organization


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Atoms & Empty Space

  1. Thanks for the hard work you’re doing. My son committed suicide and I gotta say… The way ppl widen their eyes when they find out how he passed… I used to lie to hide the shame. But why would a car accident or cancer be any more “normal”? Thank you… With ppl like you maybe we can make it so my sons death isn’t a morbid novelty and the “I’m sorry for your loss”es will become a little more sincere

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